Virtual Orthodontic

Virtual Consultations

At Discover Orthodontics, providing you with the best care possible is our top priority. We are a technology forward practice and use advanced techniques to ensure you never miss a beat in your treatment. We offer virtual monitoring for existing patients, as well as remote video consultations put together and customized just for you, by Dr. Bart. virtual-consultationsThis virtual care is ready and available to you at no additional cost. Get the care you need, without having to come to the dentist’s office!

Virtual Invisalign Care

If you are currently receiving treatment via Invisalign aligners, we do not want you to halt any of the progress you have made. Our practice offers curbside pick up for your new aligner, as well as home delivery.

At-Home Scan.

at-home-scanWhen life gets busy and an in-office visit can’t be made, we can get you started by visiting you! As part of our Convenience Program, our highly qualified dental assistants can bring a scanner to your home to initiate your orthodontic treatment. This is a specialized, precise, and highly customized scan to provide you with expert treatment, designed and monitored by Dr. Bart, one of the world's top authorities on Invisalign treatment . Start your virtual process today, and we will ensure your smile is the best it can be!

contact-usPlease use the Smile Snap App located on the home page, lower right corner, to start the virtual consultation process. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Brampton or Burlington office. We are available via phone, email, or text.