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At Home Invisalign Treatment From Discover Orthodontics

If “you need braces” isn’t exactly something you want to hear from your Brampton or Burlington area orthodontist, if the thought of a mouth full of braces and monthly wire tightening makes you want to hide under your blanket, then Discover Orthodontics has the perfect alternative for you. We now offer At Home Invisalign treatment to help you get the perfect smile you have always wanted.

At Discover Orthodontics, we are passionate about your smile and want you to have a positive orthodontic experience. Dr. Bart Iwasiuk is here to offer a set of clear, customized removable appliances that will straighten your teeth and be delivered right to your doorstep. People won’t even realize you have them on, and your visits to our office will be minimal. It is important to Dr. Iwasiuk to stay at the forefront of orthodontic technology and advancement along with enhancing the lives of his patients, which is why we are thrilled to offer you this at home Invisalign treatment.

How At Home Invisalign Treatment Works

At Discover Orthodontics, we want to leave you with something to glow and grin about. If the At Home Invisalign treatment plan sounds like the perfect fit for you, look no further than Discover Orthodontics.

  • To get started, we’ll need a 3D scan of your mouth. To do so, you can either book an appointment at our our offices in Brampton or Burlington. Or, as promised, this treatment can be fully completed without ever coming to our office locations. You can have an at-home kit sent directly to you. Your smile plan will then be reviewed by Dr. Iwasiuk, and he will design a treatment plan catered specifically for you from start to end.
  • Next, your teeth will begin to get aligned. Your customized set of Invisible aligners, crafted by Dr. Iwasiuk, will be sent directly to your doorstep. You will wear your discreet Invisalign aligners and your smile will be transformed while the aligners move your teeth into perfect alignment. You will need to wear your aligners at all times to ensure your treatment plan is staying on track, only removing them to eat, brush your teeth, and for very important social events.
  • After checking with Dr. Iwasiuk with your treatment completion, you will want to purchase a set of retainers. You will be free from wearing your Invisalign aligners but your orthodontic treatment process is not quite over yet. Your teeth will want to shift back to the position that you just spent months correcting. To keep your new, perfect smile the retention phase of your treatment is a critical one.

Start Your At Home Invisalign Treatment Now

If you want your best smile without the hassle of orthodontist visits and a mouth full of braces, Discover Orthodontics has got you covered. Our At Home Invisalign treatment is perfect for you and will give you something to smile about. Call our Brampton office at (905) 846-7846 or our Burlington office at (905) 319-8440 or schedule an appointment online. Our warm and welcoming staff is here to serve and assist you in any they can and Dr. Iwasiuk is ready to craft your perfect smile. So start you At Home Invisalign treatment now, don’t wait to start showing off your perfect smile!

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