Braces V Invisalign

Braces V Invisalign
Posted on 12/14/2017

When your Burlington, ON orthodontist tells you that you could benefit from treatment, you may be able to choose between the different orthodontic appliances we use, depending of course, on your particular problem that needs treating. At Discover Orthodontics, we offer \several types of braces that are bonded to the teeth for the duration of the treatment process, along with Invisalign, which is a type of treatment that uses removable, clear aligner trays to move the teeth.

When choosing between braces and Invisalign clear aligners, it’s important to take your personality and lifestyle into consideration. While both braces and Invisalign are designed to do the same thing which is to move teeth and straighten smiles, there are some significant differences between the two as well as pros and cons of each.


Invisalign works to straighten teeth without the use of any wires or brackets whatsoever. Instead, a series of clear, custom-made, removable aligners are used to move the teeth. When you’re wearing Invisalign, you can breeze through the treatment process without worrying about how you look as most people won’t even notice the aligners on your teeth. And since the aligners are removable, you can take them out when eating and when cleaning your food restrictions and no extra time brushing! Below are some more advantages and disadvantage of Invisalign that you should know.

Invisalign Advantages

  • Very effective at moving the teeth for a healthier and more attractive smile
  • Treatment is very discreet due to the transparent nature of the aligners
  • No uncomfortable straightening appointments to sit through, smaller gradual adjustments rather then one big one translates to gentler pressures to move your teeth
  • Free to eat whatever foods you like as the aligners are designed to be taken out before eating
  • Easy to clean your teeth as you simply remove the aligners before brushing & flossing
  • No worries about what people will think as the aligners are virtually invisible
  • No concerns about sore spots developing on the inside of your cheeks as the aligners are smooth and non-irritating
  • Comfortable to wear due to the aligners being made from a soft, smooth, plastic material
  • Longer intervals between your Orthodontic visit, typically 3-4 months but can be more as Invisalign allows for remote monitoring and adjustments
  • Whiten while you straighten
  • Treatment time is often shorter than braces
  • Better suited for certain type of “bites” or malocclusions

Invisalign Disadvantages

  • No ability to put colors on your aligners like on braces


Braces consist of metal bands and brackets made of stainless steel, clear ceramic, or sapphire, that are bonded to the teeth, with a wire that runs through the brackets. Some braces use tiny elastic ties to help adjust the position of the teeth and jaw, while others are tie-less, like Damon self-ligating braces. When you’re wearing braces, they are permanently bonded to your teeth for the duration of the treatment process, meaning that you cannot remove them. Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of braces that are important to know.

Advantages of Braces

  • Very effective at moving the teeth for a healthier and more attractive smile
  • Color options are available in elastic ties to personalize your treatment
  • No temptation to not wear them as they’re permanently bonded to the teeth

Braces Disadvantages

  • Cannot remove them from your teeth is you want an “Orthodontic Vacation”
  • Extra diligence is required when brushing and flossing due to food & plaque collecting in and around the brackets and wires which can lead to staining and permanent scars forming on your teeth.
  • Increased visits to your General Dentist are recommended to help with the cleaning aspect
  • Must be tightened regularly by your orthodontist, which can be somewhat uncomfortable
  • Only your orthodontist can make adjustments in the office as such more frequent visits are needed then Invisalign, typically every 6-8 weeks
  • Must avoid eating certain foods that can break your braces like hard and gooey sticky foods
  • Sore spots can develop on inside of cheeks from poking wires and rubbing brackets
  • Can be challenging to eat some foods

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