Digital Impressions: Common Problems and How to Avoid Them

Digital Impressions: Common Problems and How to Avoid Them
Posted on 11/07/2022

Taking proper dental impressions is very important to many different types of dental treatments. Here at Discover Orthodontics of Burlington, ON, we strive to ensure that we take the best dental impressions possible. That is why we, and many other Burlington orthodontist practices, have embraced the use of digital dental impressions. Taking digital impressions can have several benefits over traditional impressions, but the technique is not entirely foolproof. Here are some common problems encountered with digital impressions and how to avoid them.

Digital Impressions That Are Distorted

With digital impressions, the scanner used to capture the images is sensitive to reflections. Having too much moisture on the teeth, like lots of saliva or saliva bubbles, can result in distortions in the captured images. Before the scan begins, the teeth will be suctioned and dried with gauze or air to get the best images possible. Avoid licking your teeth or closing your mouth until the scan is complete to avoid putting more saliva on your teeth.

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Digital Impressions With Missing Sections

Another issue commonly encountered with digital impressions is a scan that has sections that are missing. This typically occurs when the wand used to scan the teeth for the digital impression loses contact with the teeth during the scanning process. To ensure the best chances of getting complete digital impressions, avoid moving your mouth or head while the scanning process is completed.

Digital Impressions That Are Misaligned

Misaligned digital dental impressions occur when the tongue, cheeks, or lips interfere with or compromise the scan. This commonly happens if you are tense during the scan, causing you to clench your teeth, suck in your cheeks, or move your tongue around nervously. Staying relaxed and still will help your Burlington orthodontist get the best digital impressions possible as quickly as they can.

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How This Burlington Orthodontist Takes Digital Impressions

At Discover Orthodontics of Burlington, ON, we use the iTero Scanner, which has revolutionized impression-taking. The radiation-free laser used in the process takes roughly four minutes to create a digitally accurate dental impression of your teeth. No sticky alginate trays are used, which typically take several minutes to set in place and can feel weird in the mouth as they solidify.

Digital impressions can be more accurate than traditional dental impressions and have the added benefit of being able to be emailed to the lab instead of sent by mail. If you need treatment from a Burlington or Waterdown orthodontist and think digital impressions may be the right choice for you, contact the team at Discover Orthodontics today!