How to Clean & Care for Your Retainer

How to Clean & Care for Your Retainer
Posted on 11/15/2021

Once your braces have been removed, you’ll be one step closer to the beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed about. However, you’re not quite out of the woods yet. Discover Orthodontics finishes every orthodontic treatment with a retention phase. Our orthodontist will go over why a retainer is important for your new smile and how long you can expect to wear the retainer.

Good Oral Hygiene

Good Oral Hygiene

Standard oral hygiene practices still apply once your braces have been removed. You should continue to brush your teeth twice daily at the minimum and after meals if you’ve consumed something especially sweet. And, you should already be flossing once a day - keep this up to keep your new smile shining bright! You will need to add an additional step to your oral hygiene routine by brushing and cleaning your retainers daily. This will ensure bacteria and food particles do not build up.

Cleaning Your Retainer

It’s important to clean your retainer and your teeth after every meal, as your retainer can build up plaque and food residue if you put it back in right after a meal. Discover Orthodontics recommends taking the following steps to clean your retainer:

  • Just as you would brush your teeth, apply a small amount of toothpaste to your toothbrush and brush the entire retainer in small circles, both inside and out.
  • Once you’ve finished brushing, rinse off the toothpaste with lukewarm water and confirm you’ve gotten rid of any food particles or tartar buildup.
  • Brush and floss your teeth to ensure your teeth are clean and particle-free before placing your retainer back onto your teeth.
  • Soak your retainer at least once a day. Soaking is a great way to make sure your retainer is clean and fresh. Our orthodontist suggests using a denture wash in a flavor that appeals to you!
  • Avoid hot water - do not wash your retainer in the dishwasher, run them through the washing machine, or boil them. The hot water will distort and warp the retainer.

Remove Your Retainer at Mealtimes

Retainers should be removed to eat or drink anything that is not water. This is crucial for the care and function of your retainer. Discover Orthodontics recommends having a specific case to put your retainers in at mealtimes. By always having this case with you, you can easily remember to remove your retainers prior to eating. Our orthodontists and staff also recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the day to keep your mouth and teeth hydrated as you finish your orthodontic treatment.

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