Is It Safe To Get Digital X-Rays While Pregnant?

Is It Safe To Get Digital X-Rays While Pregnant?
Posted on 06/01/2022

Congratulations! You’re pregnant! This is an exciting time for anyone. While your body is going through changes, it doesn’t mean you should abandon your oral health. Going to dental/orthodontic visits are important, especially when you’re pregnant and prone to pregnancy gingivitis. And if you go into the office, chances are you will need to have dental X-rays taken. But are X-rays safe during pregnancy? At Discover Orthodontics, we’ll break down the facts about x-rays and pregnancy, and what you should know going forward.

X-Rays & Pregnancy

Are x-rays safe for pregnant women? Yes, it is! However, there are some other factors you should consider before going into the office. 

  1. The amount of radiation used in a dental/orthodontic X-ray is very low. According to both the American Dental Association and the American Pregnancy Association, oral x-rays do not carry enough radiation to cause any harm to a pregnant woman or her baby.
  2. There is an extra layer of protection- if you’ve had X-rays in the past, you probably remember the provider or assistant placing a heavy apron over you before turning on the X-ray machine. This apron is designed to minimize exposure to radiation during the X-ray process.
  3. The apron is long enough to cover the abdomen, which means a baby is protected during the X-ray process. The apron will feel heavy when your dentist or hygienist puts it on, but it is safe to use at all stages of pregnancy.

What You Can Do To Minimize Exposure

While X-rays are safe during pregnancy, some women choose to limit their exposure to X-rays and other procedures during this time. Once you know that you’re pregnant, notify your dentist/orthodontist as soon as possible. You can work with your provider to develop a treatment plan that will work for you and your baby. 
Some pregnant women choose to postpone X-rays until after the end of the first trimester (which is when the baby develops). While not medically necessary, it can provide peace of mind.

Routine dental X-rays can also be postponed until after the baby is born. However, this is not recommended because X-rays are critical to detecting dental/orthodontic issues; they can prevent serious issues from happening. The last thing you’ll want is to have a newborn baby and an emergency on your hands at the same time. If you do have an emergency, you will still need to have X-rays done. 

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