Myths and Facts about Clear Aligners

Myths and Facts about Clear Aligners
Posted on 08/10/2023

Available in the marketplace since the late 1990s, clear aligners have revolutionized the orthodontic industry. At Discover Orthodontics, our team has extensive experience with these trays for your comfort and convenience. Learn more about clear aligners by exploring the myths and facts surrounding them.

Myth: Clear Aligners Work Only for a Few Patients

Regardless of the straightening concern, Invisalign in Brampton can work for any patient. The manufacturer creates customized trays for the mouth, for instance. As the straightening process continues, patients swap out the trays as needed.

Truthfully, treatment might include accessories, such as attachments, to achieve the necessary force against the teeth. However, you don't have to switch to traditional braces because of a peculiar alignment issue. Our team works with Invisalign for a perfect smile.

Fact: Clear Aligners Are More Comfortable Than Traditional Braces

Because clear aligners slip on and off the teeth, they're much more comfortable than traditional braces. For example, metal braces have brackets and wires that can rub the cheeks. Because clear aligners conform to the teeth's surface, they don't come into contact with the cheeks. In reality, the only discomfort might include some gum irritation when initially trying on the trays.

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Myth: Patients Regularly Misplace Clear Aligners

In the past, urban legends covered retainers being thrown in the trash and parents diving into dumpsters to retrieve the expensive items. Today's kids and teens have a practical option for their aligners during meals. They carry an Invisalign case with them, for example. These cases come in a variety of colors, which makes them harder to misplace.

Fact: Patients Can Eat Any Food Desired

As long as patients take the aligners out during meals, they can eat any food they desire. The key is to practice these steps before putting them back in, such as:

  • Rinse the aligners
  • Brush your teeth
  • Slide the aligners back on

Myth: Aligners Aren't Used as Retainers

Every patient will have a unique treatment plan, but almost all of them include a retainer. According to Women's Health, clear aligners can be used as overnight retainers. They don't have to be worn during the day unless our team deems it as a necessary step.

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