Tips for Wearing Invisalign at School

Tips for Wearing Invisalign at School
Posted on 03/10/2023

Invisalign is the latest product to straighten those teeth with the help of Dr. Bart's Discover Orthodontics practice. Our amazing team can help your child or teen with their treatment so that their smile is perfect for years to come. Explore these top tips for wearing Invisalign at school right now.

Keep the Trays in Place

The best advice for wearing Invisalign is simply keeping the trays in place. Whether you're at school or home, these tools cannot do their job without being in your mouth. When students keep the trays in place, they don't have to worry about them being lost or misplaced either.

Dr. Bart sizes every tray to the patient's mouth shape. They should slide in with ease. There will be some pressure on the teeth, but this sensation is how the straightening process progresses.

Stick With Water

One of the main reasons why patients love Invisalign is the tray's clear appearance. It doesn't look like you're straightening your teeth. If you drink a lot of staining liquids, however, the trays can become discolored.

Ideally, drink water when you're at school. You don't have to take the trays out when you drink water. Drinking coffee, tea, and other colorful liquids would require taking the trays out with each sip. Water hydrates you and keeps the trays as clear as possible.

Bring Your Tray Container

Take the trays out at lunch. Use the container that came with the trays to store them temporarily. Try these clever tips too, such as:

  • Write your name on the container
  • Keep the container with you at all times
  • Check around the lunch table for the container before leaving the area

For other helpful tips, call Discover Orthodontics right now!

Be Ready to Brush

Bring a toothbrush and toothpaste with you to school every day. You might have a container that fits the trays, toothbrush, and toothpaste together as well. After lunch, brush your teeth and the trays, too. Place the trays back in your mouth when they're clean of any food particles.

Wearing the trays when there's still food in the teeth can lead to cavities and gum disease. Brushing your teeth after every meal will only protect your smile and the trays from any decline.

Wearing Invisalign at school simply takes a few extra steps to keep those teeth clean and healthy. Dr. Bart invites you to learn more about Invisalign with a visit to our offices.

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