Why Should I Consider Early Orthodontic Treatment?

Why Should I Consider Early Orthodontic Treatment?
Posted on 10/11/2018

Why Should I Consider Early Orthodontic Treatment

Discover Orthodontics believes in quality service for the whole family. For both adults and children, orthodontic care can be life-changing. But how do you know when to take your child to the family orthodontist? Early orthodontic treatment can set the course for an effective and simpler orthodontic process.

Advantages to Early Orthodontic Treatment

When detected at an early stage, orthodontic problems are often easier to treat. Discover Orthodontics recommends the use of interceptive orthodontics—treatments delivered by orthodontists while the child is still developing. Early intervention during development is optimal for obtaining the best results. Early detection allows for early treatment; as a result, a simple, initial screening appointment with a children’s orthodontist can help eliminate intrusive orthodontic procedures. A palatal expander, for example, can treat an incorrect bite in a developing child. If this condition is not treated promptly, it may require a more intensive treatment such as oral surgery.
The following additional symptoms could benefit from early orthodontic treatment:
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Thumb sucking
  • Mouth breathing

Early orthodontic screening means that you can plan ahead with peace of mind and flexibility when it comes to your child’s treatment. Treatments may not start right away, but you can get ahead of any serious orthodontic issues before they get out of hand. Contact Discover Orthodontics in Orangeville to make an appointment with our experienced children’s orthodontist

When Should My Child Visit An Orthodontist?

The American Academy of Orthodontists (AAO) recommends that all children should have an orthodontic examination by the age of 7. This is the ideal age, because of the dental development levels associated with the average 7 year old. This is typically about the age that children have a mix of both temporary (baby) and adult teeth. By waiting until about this age, you can increase the likelihood that your family orthodontist can determine whether or not your child’s mouth will have sufficient room to accommodate permanent teeth. Typically, most children don’t begin orthodontic treatment until ages 9-14. By setting an appointment for an early orthodontic screening, you can determine if your child needs an earlier intervention or if you can wait in peace for a few more years.

Early Treatment From Discover Orthodontics

At Discover Orthodontics, we believe that all mouths—young and old—deserve the expert care that our family orthodontist provides. Early orthodontic treatment can increase the effectiveness of intervention while reducing the need for more intensive treatments later in your child’s life. Conveniently located in the Orangeville area, Discover Orthodontics has the family orthodontist that you’ve been looking for. Make an appointment today—We can’t wait to see your smile!